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Juliana Freire
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Data Science
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Center for Data Science
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
Mailing address:
370 Jay Street, 11th floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
email: [firstname].[lastname] [ at ] nyu [dot] edu
ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0003-3915-7075

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Some News (and some not so new news )

Research Interests and Projects

My research is in the general area of data management. I work both on the development of core data management technlogies and on applications that use these technologies. This gives me the opportunity to work with folks in cool areas such as
Environmental Sciences, Physics, Ornithology, Networking and Graphics/Visualization. Problems I am currently working on or have worked on include: Provenance management and analytics, large-scale data analysis and visualization, retrieval, mining, querying and visualization of structured Web data.
  • Reproducibility in Science. We are building infrastructure to simplify the creation, review and sharing of computational experiments.
  • VisTrails. VisTrails is an open-source data analysis and visualization sytem. It captures detailed provenance for the data exploration process and uses this information to streamline the creation, execution, and sharing of computational processes (aka workflows, dataflow, pipelines) which are widely used to construct visualizations, perform data analysis and mining.
  • Provenance Analytics
  • BirdVis: Visualizing Geo-Temporal Data. BirdVis is an interactive visualization system that supports the analysis of spatio-temporal bird distribution models.
  • Finding and Querying Structured Data on the Web. In this project, we have addressed the problem of large-scale information integration to enable on-the-fly queries over structured Web data.
  • Uncovering Hidden Web data. Our goal in this project is to develop a scalable infrastructure that automates, to a large extent, the process of discovering, organizing, and extracting data from hidden-Web sources. We have built DeepPeep, a new search engine specialized in Web forms. For more details about this project, see http://fleixeiras.cs.utah.edu/webdb.
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Our research has been funded by the
National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation (grants new info!!! ACI DIBBS 1640864 , IIS 1139832, IIS 1050422, IIS 0905385, IIS 0844572 , IIS 0746500 , CNS 0751152 , IIS 0713637, IIP SBIR 0712592, OCE-0424602 , IIS-0534628, EIA-0323604, CNS-0514485, IIS-0513692, and CNS-0524096), Department of Energy (Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratory), University of Utah Seed Grant, and Army Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant #A054-002-0330.
Link to some of Juliana's NSF grants.
Juliana Freire
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