[Reprozip-users] Collaboration proposal with CoRR (NIST)

Congo, Faical Y. (IntlAssoc) faical.congo at nist.gov
Wed Jan 18 10:22:41 EST 2017

Dear Reprozip Team,
I am (Faical Yannick P. Congo) Yannick shortly at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
I have been working with some of my Colleagues here at NiST on a substantial contribution to the Software Management Tools Community: Sumatra, Reprozip, Panda, Signac, Verdi, etc, ...
After some time in investigation (this is my thesis), I have decided to investigate the generally missing piece in most of these tools: A community based web platform that will federate these tools and allow users based on the tool that suits them best to push records to this platform.
The platform name is CoRR (Cloud of Reproducible Records).
You will find more information here: https://mgi.nist.gov/cloud-reproducible-records<https://mgi.nist.gov/cloud-reproducible-records><https://mgi.nist.gov/cloud-reproducible-records>
It is funded by the Materials Genone Initiative at NIST.
I have worked on the Reprozip code and have a working prototype of modification to allow reprozip to communicate with the CoRR API: https://github.com/usnistgov/corr-reprozip
As i am heading to the first release of the CoRR v0.1 platform at NIST, i would like to communicate with you as Reprozip is obviously involved (I think it is one of the best tools out there that produce records that are the closest to recreate the execution environment, thus making the record immediately useful to others).
My plan is to propose this other totally free (up to a 100 Mb/uploads) option to reprozip users to have an external web platform that will receive snapshot of their publicly shareable records in the Cloud in their personal space (can be queried by other users). They are more features about how CoRR augment these records through collaborations between users around records.
Ideally i will present and demo  the platform to you and any interested party through Google Hangouts Video chat or any other alternative out there.
The code is 100% open source (https://github.com/usnistgov/corr) and if an institution is interested they may run their own internal instance of CoRR for central Computation/Experimental Record Management.
I am currently gathering use cases insights from Scientists at NIST and having your feedback on this will be great to integrate the most for the roll out.
I hope you will find this interesting.
Thank you.
Best regards,


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