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Rémi Rampin remi.rampin at nyu.edu
Sun Mar 6 22:09:36 EST 2016

2016-03-06 4:43 EST, Ruochen Jiang <ruochenj at sfu.ca>:

> Hi, Reprozip
> I'm a beginner of Reprozip. And I succeeded in transplanting a few
> programs.
> I wanna ask if Reprozip supports web server project like python django
> project. It's not a server based experience but just a web and I wanna keep
> it run.
> I tried a few times but all failed. I used vagrant ssh to connect the
> virtual machine and found that the django was not installed. However django
> was include in the config file when doing reprozip trace.

Hi Ruochen,

I am happy to hear that ReproZip is helpful to you.

ReproZip does support web server projects, it will capture the web server
it runs on and the Python interpreter in addition to your web application's

Note that by default, the environment is under /experimentroot in the VM,
so that might be why you don't see Django. You can learn more about the
setup inside the VM on this page:

Also note that the web server will be listening from the VM and not your
local machine, so you might have to set up a port redirection in the
created VM via VirtualBox if using reprounzip-vagrant (the chroot unpacker
doesn't need this step). We plan to make it easier in the future (by
recording which ports are opened and setting them up, or at least
displaying a message) but currently reprozip isn't aware of network

I successfully packed and re-ran a Django application on Docker on Mac
using docker-machine:

$ reprounzip docker setup yoppi-django.rpz /tmp/yoppi-django-docker
$ reprounzip docker run --docker-option=-p
--docker-option=8000:8000 /tmp/yoppi-django-docker
// Application now running on the Docker machine IP:

So packing works fine, unpacking requires a tiny bit of tinkering to make
sure the ports are exposed right now, but we're working on it :)

Thanks for trying out ReproZip! Let us know if you have further questions
or remarks.


​Set the port forward in the VM if using Vagrant, it should work fine

​Django application running on Docker on Mac OS via docker-machine. Note
that I had to use --docker-option to specify -p 8000:8000 then connect to
the docker-machine IP

Rémi Rampin
ReproZip Developer
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
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