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Fernando Seabra Chirigati fchirigati at nyu.edu
Sun Mar 6 19:40:51 EST 2016

Hi Ruochen,

> I'm a beginner of Reprozip. And I succeeded in transplanting a few
> programs.

Glad to hear that!

> I wanna ask if Reprozip supports web server project like python django
> project. It's not a server based experience but just a web and I wanna keep
> it run.
> I tried a few times but all failed. I used vagrant ssh to connect the
> virtual machine and found that the django was not installed. However django
> was include in the config file when doing reprozip trace.

Could you give us a few more details on the setup of your experiment +
command lines you are trying to pack and reproduce?

Note that, when capturing a run, ReproZip traces the exact execution path
taken: although a software package may contain a plethora of files,
ReproZip only captures and copies the ones used in that execution path.
Therefore, if you try to access django inside the created VM, only the
files accessed while running "reprozip trace" will be there, and it is very
likely that you cannot use django as if it were natively installed (see the
warning under this FAQ

If django was identified in the *packages* section of the configuration file
you can use the flag "--dont-use-chroot" in "reprounzip vagrant setup" to
natively install it from the package manager (more information here


> Best Regards,
> Ruochen
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